100 Gore Street E.
  Perth, Ontario, K7H 1J3


Come taste the difference homemade makes...

Meet Our Team



I have the best job in the bakeshop! I get to meet new and regular customers, and I am the one who gets all the compliments for the delicious baked goods and lunches that all the girls in the kitchen make.

My name is Lauren Larmon. I am 16 years old, currently in grade 11. The bakeshop is a wonderful friendly environment and a great place for me to learn new things and continue doing what I enjoy… BAKING!


My name is Robyn and I am excited to be a member of the Sunflower team. I am an early morning baker, making many of the breads, rolls, croissant and muffins that are made fresh daily in the morning. I remember coming to the bakeshop as a young girl with my grandma to buy cookies and thinking these people have the best job ever! Now, after completing the Baking and Pastry Arts program at Algonquin College and being hired on as a full time baker, I have the best job ever!!

My name is Donna Poole and I happily work as a full time as a server at the Sunflower Bake Shop.
Welcoming customers new and old to the shop, and helping them find that perfect treat, muffin, cake or bread that they are looking for is my top priority.
I love the food industry and cooking and baking are my passions, so working at the Sunflower is a perfect fit. The creativity flows in the bake shop and everyone works as a team. I look forward to learning new skills from the talented girls I work with!


I started my baking career at The Sunflower Bake Shop back in 2005 when the shop was at its original location on Herriott St., Perth. Bob the bread baker was my guide into the world of artisan bread making, and Tamara my tutor on everything else. The transition to the beautiful new location by the river on Gore St allowed the shop to expand, and I have enjoyed the company of many fellow bakers and cookie makers over the years. I see the sun rise every morning at work, and smell the wonderful home baked breads in the quiet shop as the day gradually comes alive with staff and the regular customers who make this business thrive.

My name is Annaka Bailey. I am currently a student in grade 9. Everyone who works at the bakeshop is so nice and it’s an incredible environment to work in. I love baking in my spare time so working here gives me a chance to learn more about something I love!

Hello! I am Gillian, one of the early morning bread bakers here at Sunflower.
I graduated from the Algonquin College Baking and Pastry Arts program in 2012. The Sunflower team is amazing to work with, and I have learned and look forward to learning more and growing more each day!

Hi, my name is Lauren and I’ve been working at the bakeshop since the summer of 2018. I have always loved baking and cooking at home, so working here and baking almost all day has been a dream come true. My favourite treat to bake (and eat!) is the Sunflower carrot cake by far. I have never had cake so good in my entire life!

My name is Molly Hicks. I am 17 years old and really enjoy working at The Sunflower Bake Shop! Everyone is very friendly and I am glad to have such a wonderful place to work.

Hi I’m Joanne, the Sunflower soups and salads person. I have worked as a cook around Perth since 2004.
My job at the Sunflower provides me with the opportunity to create healthy foods using fresh ingredients.
I am thrilled to be a part of the Sunflower team!

Hi my name is Vienne. I am a high school student in Perth, and I started working at the Sunflower early in the summer of 2018. I have always loved to bake and working here I am able to improve my skills, gain confidence, and make new friends.

My name is Julie Whyte. I was raised in Perth and have travelled afar, only to come back to my local roots. Being a new member of the amazing Sunflower team, I enjoy each day providing customers with outstanding baked goods, and friendly conversation. Next time you stop in for a treat make sure to say hi!

My name is James Poole. I am a grade nine student and I have just started working at the Sunflower a couple of shifts a week after school. I like it very much, there is so much to learn, and all of the other staff are great to work with. I look forward to learning new skills to help me in the future, and am enjoying meeting all sorts of new people.

Hi! My name is Lynn. I am the newest member of the Sunflower team. I have always worked in Perth, and have met many wonderful people, many of which have become good friends. I am very excited to be working with the professional and energetic staff at The Sunflower Bake Shop. Their team approach and enthusiasm for making wonderful breads and tasty treats is something I look forward to every in my new workplace. I hope to see all of my friends pop in to say hello!