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Come taste the difference homemade makes...


The breads at the Sunflower Bake Shop are all handcrafted artesian style. We use the simplest of ingredients with the simplest of methods. Each loaf is hand cut and hand shaped, then baked to perfection in our gas-fired ovens.

*Indicates baked daily, others are on a weekly rotating schedule or to order

Sunflower Flax Bread ~ our very healthy signature bread with non GMO flax meal and sunflower seeds, so good and so good for you!

*Pagnotta ~ a dense and chewy Italian style white bread (fat free)

*Peasant Bread ~ multigrain loaded with flax, cornmeal, rye and poppy seeds, a bakeshop favorite!

Cracked Wheat ~ white based and loaded with bran and bulgar (fat free)


Whole Wheat and Honey ~ 100% stone ground whole wheat sweetened with Lanark County honey

Twelve Grain ~ 100% stone ground whole wheat loaded with grains

Olive Foccacia ~ dense and chewy Italian bread with kalamata olives and olive oil

Rye Bread ~ a medium rye with a blend of whole wheat and rye flours, rye meal and caraway (fat free)

White ~ our lightest bread with a sprinkling of sesame seeds, perfect for French toast (fat free)

Herb and Cheese ~ a soft white loaded with St Albert cheddar, parsley and thyme

Raisin Cinnamon ~ choice of white or whole wheat with plenty of plump raisins and a hint of cinnamon

Rosemary Poppy Seed ~ made in a beautiful pull apart flower shape, a real dinner party showpiece

Pumpernickel ~ traditional dark bread with rye and caraway, great hollowed out and filled with your favorite dip as a party snack

Spelt Bread ~ a yeasted bread made with organic spelt flour (also available as bagels and buns)

*Pagnotta buns, Bagels and Foccacia buns are also baked daily.

We accept advance orders for your special occasion or to stock your freezer.

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